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Portage Park Community Fair 2017
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August 5, 2015
Brother Knights,   
Well, here it is the start of a new fraternal year. Looking ahead, this second year of my tenure holds new and bolder challenges. Keeping with tradition, our preliminary calendar holds our standard events, which are things that keep us on track as Tonti Council. We are contemplating adding additional events, so keep an eye out for the updated calendar. There are events that we will be hosting as our successful prior campaign efforts: ID drive, Art in the Park, Keep Christ in Christmas, Coats for Kids and aid to our seminarians plus Shamrocks for Kids. We are all looking forward to a new and exciting year.
Reviewing our past year our successes follow the traditions set forth by our predecessors. The most notable are those where we take action and help someone, such as the involvement with the Mission of Our Lady of the Angles’ Thanksgiving and Christmas events, Mercy Home’s Shamrocks for Kids, raising nearly triple last year’s effort, and Coats for Kids.   
A special THANK YOU goes out to all that aid in the overall effort; from chairmen that ran events to each and every one that add a helping hand no matter how small.  
This year is starting out a bit slow due to unavoidable and unforeseen events; therefore additional efforts will be added to bolster our efforts as Tonti Council moves forward. Having said that let’s move forward with every Tonti taking a proactive roll. John Kennedy’s inaugural address contained an outstanding statement and I quote, “ Our order is built on the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. One can fulfill these principles with small and deliberate steps to achieve a greater objective or take bolder leaps to achieve the same objective much sooner. Whatever path one takes the objective will be attained
 “Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire
the skills to do difficult things easily.” Author Unknown
Vivat Jesus
Dennis P. 


November 1, 2015
Brother Knights,   
November marks the time we reflect on our good fortune and give thanks and say final good-byes. In reflection, we will be honoring our Tonti knights that have passed away; those within the past year and all those that have preceded us as Knights of Columbus and as Tonti knights. This year, as in the past we will be conducting our annual Memorial Mass on Sunday, November 8th, 2016 at Our Lady of Victory located at 5212 West Agatite. This is a change in location. Mass will be celebrated at 11:30 AM followed by a light brunch served in the lower church. Please plan to attend and honor those special knights. As last year, we will also be honoring deceased knights of Christopher Columbus Assembly at this Memorial Mass. Let’s all keep our comrades in our thoughts and prayers. There are those whom we should also remember and honor this month. Veterans Day is a reminder that there are individuals that have given the final measure. They too walk in our footsteps, making a difference. Thank you to all of our veterans who protect our country and our freedoms so that we can continue to worship as we choose. This is a time that we all can reflect on our personal values and review why we as Knight of Columbus act each day as Catholic gentleman. Again what can we all do to make a difference?  To make that one act, no matter how small, to change the world, so we will live in a better place.
Once again Tonti Council will be helping out at the Mission Our Lady of The Angels with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Knights will be assisting in the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, contributing their time and talents to aid those less fortunate.
Tonti council conducted a first degree ceremonial that inducted a brand new knight into the ranks of the Knights of Columbus. Let us all welcome Mike Radcliffe as a new first degree knight; he is the new face in town. Tonti First Degree Team is planning to conduct regular first degree rehearsals beginning in January with the hopes of inducting new members into our ranks. We also have the possibility of one additional member returning to the Knights of Columbus. Additional details to follow.
Tonti Council will be hosting its annual Christmas party this year at Biagio Event and Catering located at 4242 N. Central Ave on Thursday December 3, 2015. We need to establish a head count as soon as possible. Please contact our DGK SK TJ Minogue at TJ@CHICAGOAVALONS.COM with your questions and your RSVP.
Keep in mind no matter what you do, no matter how small the deed someone will notice the act and will remember it and as Catholic Gentlemen we are proud to step forward.
Vivat Jesus,
Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skills to do difficult things easily.” Author Unknown

December 1, 2015
Brother Knights, 
     As we are  approaching year’s end, we now can begin to review the Tonti year’s journey, what we set out to accomplish, what we have achieved, what remains and more importantly how we will address the undone. While this month marks the calendar year’s end it really is only the half way point for our fraternal year that ends in June.  Our goals are best described in what we do to make a difference, in not only our lives but the lives of others. 
     Beginning in September the council conducted its 19th annual Portage Park Community Fair, formerly known as Art in the Park. This event attracts a large number of community residents that look forward to the various crafters and their wares. It has become a community staple. Funds raised by this event support the various council endeavors. We also conducted a first degree exemplification and are now in the process of enhancing our First Degree Team. New members keep the council active and add the stimulus to the efforts of the Knights of Columbus. November marked the second year that our council combined our memorial mass with that of Christopher Columbus Assembly. The mass was celebrated by one of our own knights; Fr. Mathew Heinrich. Fr. Matt became a transitional deacon last year and was fully ordained last May. We also participated in the ID Drive (Tootsie Roll Drive) to help the intellectually challenged and the Vocation Raffle to help those in need. 
     November will also mark the second year that Tonti Council aided in Our Lady of the Angels’ Thanksgiving brunch for the needy of their community. Approximately three hundred and fifty meals where served. Fr. Bob and his small group of religious nuns, continue to bring hope and comfort to the neediest. When you look at this small group, they continue to make a day to day difference, and that is what counts.  Recently, In December  We will also be conducting the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. While this is an exercise in children’s art it has the greater meaning of what Christmas “REALLY” means and how we can exemplify the true meaning to those much younger than us. The “Coats for Kids” effort to support those less fortunate with a warm winter coat is another program that exemplifies actions that are making a difference.
     In the spring we will again rally up in support of Fr. Scott’s Mercy Home for Boys and Girls with “Shamrocks for Kids” shake the can fundraiser.  Again, helping others and making a difference. 
     With these goals and achievements we all make a difference. No matter how small the effort or contribution, it does matter. As good Catholic gentlemen and as Knights of Columbus let us all greet the New Year with challenges of the future and with the idea in mind of making a difference. May you have a blessed holiday and remember that JESUS IS THE REASON.
Vivat Jesus,
Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire
the skills to do difficult things easily.” Author Unknown

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